When Do You Need to Visit a Physiotherapist?

Most of the time, physiotherapists know that trauma, injury, or a body is in bad condition since it was neglected for a long time. It appears that a lot of people are not aware of when to seek professional advice and help from a physiotherapist. To help you with that, we’ve listed 5 signs that you should pay attention that could mean that you need to see a physiotherapist now:

Changes in habit

Urinary incontinence can impact more people than you might imagine. Moreover, this has become one of the typical signs that notify people of potential problems or changes within their bodies. Regardless if it is stress incontinence, the aftermath of pregnancy, or urge incontinence, physiotherapy serves a major role in treating it.

Loss of balance

Loss of balance is a major issue, not only because it can really be disturbing, but also because it can result in more painful issues and further accidents. If you think that you’re mostly losing your balance that’s unrelated to possible ear problems like infections, then you have to take a physiotherapist examination that can help you in determining the issue and make a plan to resolve it.

Knowing a particular movement inflicts bodily pain

Our common sense tells us to avoid moving a particular way once we feel that it will cause pain. Most of the time, patients that need physiotherapy claim that it just hurts when they do a particular movement. Know that changes in mobility and movement are a problematic sign. If you prevent physiotherapy, you tend to change your movements and adapt to the pain. This is really problematic since it can make long-term issues like knotted and tense muscles or placing pressure and weight on ligaments that aren’t intended for it.

A change in mobility or movement

For an individual, movement and mobility are reasonably constant. Yes, the way we move can vary as we get older, however, it does not occur overnight. If you believe that already can’t move normally or that the pain starts past a particular point of movement, it could mean that there’s something more complicated going on like injury or trauma, then that’s the time you should see a physiotherapist.

A nagging pain that’s not getting better

At one moment or another, everybody experiences bodily pain. However, you need to always think about the effect and cause. When you slept poorly and endured neck pain afterward, it’s expected that it will disappear within a couple of days of taking some anti-inflammatory tablets and keeping it warm. Also, if you specifically had a difficult time while at the gym, you’ll definitely feel sore after working out. However, when you feel that the pain becomes chronic, repeating, and not getting better, that’s a great indicator that you need physiotherapy.

If you think you are experiencing at least any of these signs, do not be afraid to seek professional help from Edmonton physiotherapy. Let our licensed physiotherapists know today and schedule a consultation.